About us

On the quiet corner of Jungfrugatan and Tyskbagargatan, in the more discreet quarters of Östermalm in Stockholm, we have for almost twenty years presented and served our most personal interpretation of the food and the food culture of the eastern Mediterranean region, with emphasis on Greece and Turkey.

Todays Lunch

Sirloin steak

Grilled chicken

Lamb meatballs




Spanakopita- Spinache and feta cheese pie

With; Pilav rice, Pommes frites, Bulgur, Greek salad, Ceasarsallad, Olive potato.

Opening Hours

Lunch closed 
Dinner from 18.00 

Dinner from 18.00 


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Monday-friday 18.00
Saturday 18:00

Sunday closed


Served cold

Marinated olives    50

Tzatsiki    65

Hoummus    65

Creamy red lentils with coriander    65

Mint and chili scented tomato bulgur with lemon    65

Mushrooms marinated with oregano and lemon   65

Grilled red pepper and artichoke in olive oil with citrus and basil    75

Greek salad    65

Pastirma-  dried beef with olive oil and parmesan    90


Lamb chops    99

Tenderloin of beef    105 

Chicken breast    85

Tuna    99  

Scampi    99  

Merguez and sucuk with pickles    85 

köfte    85 

Halloumi with tapenade    80 

Served hot

Quasimondo; grilled tortilla bread with cheddar and prosciutto crudo    80

Spicy tomato and chili braised lamb meatballs    85

New beets with feta cheese and pine nuts    80

Pie with feta cheese and spinache    80

Pilav rice- jasmine rice seasoned with Apricot    70

Deep fried

Crayfish balls with dip   80

Feta cheese rolls    75

Calamari with aioli    70

Pommes frites    65


Sorbet/Ice Cream    30/kula

Baklava    35

Chocolat mousse    60

Menu for larger groups



Mint and chili scented tomato bulgur with lemon

Creamy red lentils with coriander

Calamari with aioli  

Feta cheese rolls 

Spicy tomato and chili braised lamb meatballs

New beets with balsamico, pine nuts and feta cheese

Grillad halloumi 

Grilled chicken breast  

Grilled lamb chops 

Quasimondo; grilled tortilla bread with cheddar and prosciutto crudo