Chambre Separée


We have furnished our old office to a Chambre Separée it so nicely named . That's French for a single room / banquet hall. We have decorated the room as an " at-home environment" with its own toilet , sofa, stereo with ipod dock , TV with integrated Blu-ray , as well as kitchen and bar . The venue is of course just as cozy as our restaurant . We believe that if you are a group of 9-18 people and want to have an event where one can freely mingle and socialize in their own way , then you will love this. We serve a buffet at the bar that you can enjoy at your own pace. The price is 470 SEK per person and then you will have our 12 most popular dishes , plus dessert . The premises can be used until 23:00 in the evening. This is so that our friendly neighbors are not disturbed too much